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Contractor Evolve Product Offering

Contractor Evolve is a program designed by the coaching team at ContractorCoachPRO to evolve a contractor from a world of paper and face to face meetings to a world of paperless, automation and virtual interactions. In doing so a contractor is more streamlined and efficient. This industry has a new challenge and must evolve to step up to this challenge. This Evolve will help contractors to cut costs, increase profit, create leads in new and innovative ways, better engage with their people and serve their clients in a way that is becoming expected.

What Does Contractor Evolve Include?




Do You Believe in Yourself?
Take the Virtual Contractor Challenge!

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is simply that, a challenge. A challenge to overcome. A challenge to test us. A challenge to kick the crap out of!

Our challenge to you is to see this as an opportunity to do what we have all been thinking over the last few years. 

Can we do this completely paperless and virtual?

Heck yes we can and we are here to help. Over the first 30 days of the “Contractor Evolution” program we are going to see how many contractors we can serve to help them to evolve into the Next Generation Contractor with the

Virtual Contractor 30 Day Challenge.

Imagine a world where

Leads are generated at will through effective marketing that engages and educates your community.

Your prospects know from day one that they can get anything done with you virtually, except for the actual work which can be done without social interaction.

Prospects can schedule their appointments with you using interactive calendars.

You can automate or engage in communications with them in a way that fits their communication preference.

You can educate them on your company and your new virtual process via recorded videos or live online interactions supported with a Visually interactive story.

You can inspect their property with drones or onsite meetings that don’t need their attendance other than to livestream the inspection to them.

You can schedule an online Discovery Meeting to discuss your finding, sell your State of the Art System, offer online payment options or financing, and Close the deal with virtual contract signatures.

You can record your sales calls and truly coach your team to perfection.

Send all of your orders virtually to the supplier and crew while automating the communication to the client so they are always in the loop.

Build the job with proper social interaction expectations, safety procedures, and sanitized clean up with a virtual final inspection all live streamed to the client and your office.

Send your invoices via email or web platform billing with one click payment, preset electronic funds transfer or credit card all agreed to in your contract. If using financing, notifying of completion and having the funds wired to your bank.

and so much more to finish strong and get more referrals than ever before all online

ContractorCoachPRO’s purpose is “Empowering People to Believe!”

To believe in themselves first and to believe in Contractor Coach PRO to provide only the best coaching and be your expert guide through your evolution to a fully virtual contracting company.

Trained Professionals

Industry experts on the calls to give you the insight you need to make great decisions.

Best Quality Products

Tools, Templates, Marketing Campaigns, Processes, Scripts & Best Practices to maximize your opportunity in a virtual world.

Tracking, Sales & Marketing

Weekly Success Tracking to measure your progress. Sales and Marketing Success Reporting

So what’s included you ask?

When does Contractor Evolve Start?

Right away! First meeting will be Monday March 23rd at 2:30pm CST



When do we meet?

Strategy Call for Business Leaders – Daily for the first 30 days 1hr per session with a 4 week 5 day focus routine. 2:30pm CST

Monday: Virtual Marketing

Tuesday: Virtual Documents & Inspections

Wednesday: Virtual Presentations

Thursday: Virtual Accountability & Finance

Friday: Virtual Leadership

Saturday: Close the Gaps (Complete any unfinished tasks)

Sunday: Rest – You will need it!

Training for Virtual Sales – Once a week on Mondays for 1 hour. 11am CST


How much does it cost?

This is going to take a tremendous amount of time and resources from the ContractorCoachPRO team. Many of you know that our coaching services are $5000 per month at this time and our new Contractor Training Room platform would be $197 per user per month.  In an effort to serve as many contractors as possible we are going to do this for only $997 per month for the Daily Business Strategy Call and only $497 per month for the Virtual Sales Coaching Call which includes everything above.

So for about the commission you would normally pay a rep on a job you can get your company on the right track virtually. If we can’t help you get one more sale virtually than you do each month already you should fire us.  You can choose to do just the Daily Business Strategy Calls if you feel you can handle training your team but you cannot just do the Virtual Sales Coaching. It wouldn’t make much sense without doing the business coaching.

Money Back Guarantee:
If you aren’t satisfied with the Contractor Evolution program in your first month just say so and we will give you your money back. No questions, No strings.

The Daily Strategy Call

Coaching designed to get you fully virtual for 30 days and beyond.

The Daily Strategy Call + Virtual Sales Coaching Call

Weekly sales call to virtual masters.

No coupons, just full transparent pricing…

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